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MPPT solar charge controller
12V/24V 10A
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Features of SR-MT2410

1.Adopting double crest or multi crest tracing technique,used for the condition when a part of solar panel is under shadow or parts of panel isdammage
2.Built-in maximum power point tracking algorithm which could promote the energy utilization efficiency of pv system.The charging efficiency is 15%~20% higher than PWM mode
3.It can find out the best working point of I-V curve within 1 minuite,the MPPT efficiency could reach to 99.9%.
4.Adopting advanced digital power supply techniques which makes the energy conversion efficiency reach up to 97%
5.Four charging stages:MPPT-equalizing charge-boosting charge-floating charge 
6.With current-limiting charging mode.When the power of solar panel is oversized,the controller will lower charging power automatically,which enable the system to work under the rated charging current 
7.Have the fault code indication,it helps user confirm the rated charging current.
8.Various load control methods.could recognize day and night qutomatically.
9.Various system protection functions.including over-charge,over-discharge,over-dischage,over-load,over-heat,battery-reverse connection and short-circuit protection eyc.

Installation and use instruction of SR-MT2410

1.Fix the controller: Fix the controller onto the surface of the specific place. Keep a certain distance between the controller and fitting surface to assure heat dissipation
2.Wire preparation: Adopt the wire matching the current,plan the length of wire, strip 5mm insulation of one side of the controller terminal and try to decrease the length of the connected wire so that a reduction in electrical loss.
3.Connect to the battery: connect the battery wire to the controller firstly, Pay attention to the “+” and “–”, in case of reverse connection. If connected well, the indicator light will be on. Otherwise, please check the connection. If reverse connection, controller will not working but not damage the controller.
4.Connect to the solar panel: Pay attention to the “+” and “–”, not reverse connect. If ample sunshine, controller will show charging mode. Or should check the connection is right or wrong. If solar panel under the sunshine will produce voltage immediately. If use 24V or more than 24V system, the solar panel voltage will exceed to body safety voltage, when use please prevent you self from electric shock. 
5.Connect Load:Connected the load to controller,make sure the current cannot over the rated current, and notice the positive and negative electrode. Prevent the system from reverse connect.

Parameter of SR-MT2410

Model MT2410
System voltage 12V 24V
Max. input power of solar panel 130W 260W
Transfer efficiency ≤96% ≤97%
Rated charge/ discharge current 10A
No load loss <15mA
Max. input voltage of solar panel <150V
MPPT tracing efficiency >99%
Over voltage protection 16.5V 33.0V
Limited charge voltage 15.5V 31.0V
Equalizing charge voltage 15.2V 30.4V
Equalizing charge interval 30 days
Boosting charge voltage 14.4V 28.8V
Floating charge voltage 13.8V 27.6V
Over-discharge recover voltage 12.5V 25.0V
Over discharge voltage 11.0V 22.0V
Boosting charge time 2 hours
Equalizing charge time 1 hour
Over temperature protection Yes
Light-operated voltage (on) 5V
Light-operated voltage (off) 6V
Light-operated delay time 5min
Working temperature -35℃~+65℃
Weight 430g
Altitude ≤3000m
Dimension 143*71*37.4 (mm)
Installation dimension 139*48(mm)
Overload protection Load current≥1.25 times rated current, cut off the load within 10 seconds;  Load current≥1.5 times rated current, cut off the load within 5 seconds
Protections 1.Reverse connection. 2.Inner over temperature. 3.The voltage of PV input terminal is over value. 4.Over load  5.Reverse charging protection at night. 6. TVS lightning protection 7. Waterproof: IP 64

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